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Best Dosti Sms In Urdu For Fun

 In todays world of SMS technology, you can find a wide array of messages you can send to your friends, family and colleagues. Youre bound to find at least one SMS that will suit your every purpose. Unlike forwards email, SMS does not contain a record of the senders and the writers are lost in the thread SMS unless of course the quotable quotes and passages. You just see the person you sent it. SMS used to show your friends how you feel about them. They also provide some inspiration about your relationship with them.

Many people calling friendship sms as sms dosti in Pakistan and India in particular. Many people research dosti sms poetry on the Internet which means that they are looking for friendship and poetry friendship sms. It is always nice and loving to share lovely Urdu sms dosti with your friends. There is no easy way to do this than with easy to follow dosti sms Urdu.
This collection of sms dosti talk about the importance of friendship and abstract meaning of friendship through helpful illustrations. Dosti quotes are sometimes touching, thoughtful and some are a little more fun. People tend to remember funny quotes easier and are willing to share them with other friends so funny friendship messages using is quite an effective way to pass on a message. Collection of quotes dosti is an interesting example of literature on how people see the friendship and the value they have to.
sms dosti are useful when sending to friends, especially in hard times, stress, or anger. They uplift their moods and make the day easier knowing they have your back for support. Some of the SMS may include smiley, which add emotion to the message made it come alive and convey the message better. Emoticons can also be used to flirt with your friends and you may be surprised at the feeling that they are able to evoke.
Some other dosti sms are ideal for your friends to work, to inspire them in their daily work. They give the impression that they have your support and best of luck in everything that they can be scheduled to arrive. They are ideal to send email to work when they are facing a difficult time or career challenges.

Added by: nabeel     Friendship Sms

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