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Akal Toh Sab

Akal toh sab me hote hai,

Par jhukta wahi hai 
Jise kisi ke fikar hote hai

Added by: nabeel

Dil Ke Suno

Humesha apne dil ke suno shaayad isse apka

Nuksaan hoga lekin
Afsos kabhi nai hoga.

Added by: nabeel

Focus on Goal

Focus on your goals boy,

These girls are not going no where :)

Added by: nabeel

Fear is What

Fear is what holds people back

From being who they should be

Added by: nabeel

Do Not Underestimate Me

Do not underestimate me because I am quiet.

I know more than i say,
THink more than i speak, and
Observe more than you know

Added by: nabeel

Logic Get You

Logic will get you from A to B

Imaginaton will take you everywhere

Added by: nabeel

Forgive Yourself

Stop keeping track of the mistakes

You have made
It is time to forgive yourself.

Added by: nabeel

Not Everyone Appreciate

Not everyone will appreciate

What you do for them.
You have to figure out
Who is worth your kindness and
Who is just taking advantage.

Added by: nabeel

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