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Good Morning Sms

Coin Make Sound

Coins always make a sound

but the currency notes are always slient
So when your value increases
Keep yourself calm and Silent
!! Good Morning !!

Added by: nabeel

In Morning

In the morning there is huge

Difference between 6:00 and 6:05

Added by: nabeel

Life Can Give You

Life can give us a number

of beautiful people.
But only a true person can
give us a beautiful life.
!! Good Morning Have a nice day !!

Added by: nabeel

From Negative People

Stay away from negative people

They have a problem for every solution
Good Morning !!

Added by: nabeel

Morning and Night

Me every night: I do not need to sleep

Me every morning i need to sleep for

three days straight.

Added by: nabeel

Patience and Silence

Patience and silence are powerful,

patience make us mentally strong and

silence make us emotionaly strong

Good Morning !!

Added by: nabeel

One Person Change Life

One smile, can start a friendship.

One word, can end a fight.

One Look, can save a relationship.

One person can change your life.

Good Morning

Added by: nabeel

Have Good Day

Smile Is Complete When

It beings with Your chin Reflects

In Ur Eyes and Ends with Glow on ur Face

WishinG yEw Such countless Smiles In Ur Life.

HaVe a Gud Day

Added by: nabeel

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