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Meeting Your Friends

Meeting your friends girlfriend for

the first time like,
Hello i am the co-author of all the text
Messages you receive

Added by: nabeel

Wedding Hall In Lahore

There are wedding halls in lahore

That charge extra for food
If the barat is coming from gujranwala :P ;)

Added by: nabeel

Friend Request

It is so annoying when you love

Someone and want to spend the rest of your life
With them and they do not accept your friend request :)

Added by: nabeel

Human Brain

Human brain is the most

outstanding object in world.
It functions 24 hours a day,
365 days a year.
It functions right from the time we are born,
and stop only when we enter the examination hall.

Added by: nabeel

My Talent is

I am pakistani and my talent is

I can tell that car is driving
By a woman without even watching the driver :P

Added by: nabeel

Build a Castle

It takes 10000 workers to build a castle

Million soldiers to protect a country
But just one woman to make a happy home
Let thanks
Kaamwali Massi

Added by: nabeel

Pakistan Is Country

Pakistan is a country

Where the second name
of an intelligent is harami :P ;)

Added by: nabeel

Beggar and Software Engineer

If a beggar meets another beggar

and a Software Engineer meets another Software Engineer
Both of them will ask the same question:
So which platform are you working on ? ;)

Added by: nabeel

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