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Friendship Sms

Everyone has Best Friend

Everyone has a Best friend

During each stage of life
But the lucky ones have
The same friend in all stage of life

Added by: nabeel

Insan Kitna Kameena

Insan kitna kameena hai

Yeh sirf uss ke best friend ko
pata hota hai :) :D

Added by: nabeel

Loyal Friends

Loyal friends will tell bad things

To your face and say good things
Behind your back

Added by: nabeel

Group of Friend

Have you ever noticed that

In every group of friend
The shortest one is usually the craziest

Added by: nabeel

We Have One Friend

We all have one friend jo

Khud kabhi baat ni kerta
Aur jab milega toh hamesha kahega:
Tum bare log, humse kahan baat karoge

Added by: nabeel

Coffee With Friend

Sometimes having coffee

With your best friends is
All the therapy you need

Added by: nabeel

Friends Come and Go

Friends come and friends go,

But a friend who stick like a
Family is known as true friend

Added by: nabeel

One Friend in Class

We all have that one friend

Who says, he knows nothing during exams
and score highest in class.

Added by: nabeel

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